Every week we share our Sunday message via podcast on iTunes. God is always at work in our ordinary day to day lives

The podcast is great for refreshing what you heard or catching up if you're away. Please subscribe to the podcast via itunes or listen directly via the links below.

The weekly podcast file is usually available Monday mornings after the Sunday service.

 Recent Media Uploads 
Prison break (download)
Philip Le Dune, 22/10/2017
Guest Service (download)
Steve Riley, 15/10/2017
Blueprint for Living - Do No Be Jealous Of What Others Have (download)
Heather Alderson, 08/10/2017
Blueprint for Living - Keep God's name holy (download)
Paul Baddams, 01/10/2017
Blueprint For Living - Worship Him Only (download)
Corinne Oliver, 24/09/2017