Every week we share our Sunday message via podcast on iTunes. God is always at work in our ordinary day to day lives

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 Recent Media Uploads 
Go. Do - The Good Samaritan (download)
Geoff Forster, 16/09/2018
The Kryptonite Factor 1 - the power within - realising your potential (download)
What is your Kryptonite and what is your potential? The first in our challenging series where we'll be exploring the attributes which demonstrate not only the powers we have access to as followers of Christ but also the things which neutralise those powers and render us ineffective.
Terry Nichol, 09/09/2018
Be Still II (download)
Seth Beckreck, 02/09/2018
Be Still And Know (download)
Stuart Hann, 26/08/2018
Run For Gold (download)
John Bates, 19/08/2018