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 Recent Media Uploads 
guest service (download)
Jane Kitson, 18/03/2018
Thriving in Babylon - Wisdom: power and perspective (download)
The wisdom of Daniel - Daniel's perspective was to put God as his top priority, and in turn he was highly esteemed by God. Wisdom is something we all need in difficult times......
John Bates, 11/03/2018
Guest service (download)
Family service fun with Andy Gawn
Andy Gawn, 25/02/2018
Thriving In Babylon - Battle Ready (download)
Fools Gold’ , (Pyrite) looks like real gold until it’s tested. Even experienced miners can be fooled by it. So it is with faith which must be tested if it is to be proved genuine. Today’s message looks at the trials of Daniel. He demonstrated how his faith was the real deal, proving that we can not only survive through difficulties but actually thrive!”
Heather Alderson, 18/02/2018
Thriving In Babylon - Credability (download)
Daniel and his friends found themselves in a foreign land against their will but gained credibility with their captors. How they conducted themselves acted as a witness to those around them. They demonstrated 3 key values: Humility Respect Persuasiveness
Ruth Crichton, 11/02/2018