Our Policies 

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Are you worried about a child or a vulnerable adult?

Would you like to speak to someone, in confidence, about your concerns?

Chowdene Church has a Safeguarding Team who would be happy to talk to you or give you advice.

If you wish to report a Chowdene safeguarding concern please use the forms in our safeguarding policy.

Alternatively if you are worried about a child or vulnerable adult who is not connected with the church and would like advice please contact safeguarding@chowdene.co.uk

Advice can also be obtained from Thirtyone:eight on 0303 003 1111 or via info@thirtyoneeight.org

The Safeguarding Team can be contacted on 07783 022732 or 07731 844870 or by email - safeguarding@chowdene.co.uk

Click here to download our safeguarding policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Click here to download our Health and Safety Policy